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Museum of Wooden Architecture

Museum of Wooden Architecture

Kostroma architectural, ethnographic and landscape museum “Kostromskaya Sloboda” is one of the first open-air museums in Russia. Its establishment began in 1955. The main corpus of the museum is located behind the South wall of the Ipatiev Monastery (100 000 sq. m.), at the Spit where the Kostroma and the Volga rivers merge. Now this area is the main expository zone of the museum.

Under the influence of the variety of factors the unique local traditions, architectural peculiarities, traditions, customs and dialects appeared in different regions of the Kostroma land. This is why each building on the territory of the museum is a unique world in place and time. You just need to make an effort to see the real scenes of everyday and festal life, to hear the throwing wheel, the creak of boards, the cricket behind the stove, the slow talk of the owners of the house. Then the visitors would see many mysteries of the past; long-forgotten objects, strange names of rivers, lakes and villages would become familiar.

The names of places in Kostroma region sound so beautiful and special: Sudislavl, Galich, Nerekhta, Buy, Chukhloma, Sharya, Kologriv, Pyshug, Vokhma. They have preserved the memory of the ancient times, of the people who lived at those places, of the ages when local Finno-Ugric peoples were pushed by Slavic tribes, which arrived from Novgorod, Vladimir and Suzdal.

Similar to old wise men who know a lot of legends about their native land, save the reminiscences of old times and pass them from generation to generation, these old churches and houses tell us about the people who built them, their way of life and everyday activities.