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Museum of Flax and Birch Bark

Museum of Flax and Birch Bark

One of the main tourist attractions in Kostroma is the Museum of Flax and Birch Bark. “Kostroma – land of flax” is the title of the exhibition which shows ancient and modern fabrics and clothes, and illustrates the detailed processing of flax.

The second hall of the museum is called “Fairy-tales in Birch Bark”. The central place of the exhibition is the unique collection of Russian fairy-tales in birch bark. In the exhibition hall you can not only see the works made by craftsmen from Kostroma, but also buy the things that you like.

Here you would find objects made of woven and knitted linen, different items of linen clothing, including Russian national shirts for men and sundresses for women. The museum offers a wide range of souvenirs made of linen, birch bark, ceramics, semi-antique everyday objects.

You can also try your own birch bark plaiting – a special master-class from the specialists of the museum offers such an amazing opportunity.

Tour duration: 1 hour.