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Moose farm

Moose farm

A visit to the Moose farm in Sumarokovo is an encounter with wildlife. Here you can see moose right in front of you, pat them on their hard and dense hair, and entertain them with a sweet carrot. The farm is justly considered to be the unique sight of Kostroma, because it is the only farm of this kind in Russia.

At the moment, about 40 moose are kept there. These powerful animals just come to the feeding place at a particular time; usually they move freely along the whole territory of the farm. At any time, the workers can find out the location of each moose and control their migration: the animals have radars on their necks, which send radio signals. The receivers in a separate room read these signals and show the location of each animal on a screen.

While the farm was being established, there used to be a laboratory on its territory which studied the qualities of moose milk. The scientists found out that it possesses perfect medical properties. Moose milk is 5 times fatter than cow milk, that’s why it helps to get rid of peptic ulcer diseases. Other than gastric distress, it helps to cure radiation sickness and dysbacteriosis.

At the present time, the workers of the farm still get moose milk and send it to Kostroma Ivan Susanin resort,where it is being frozen with the help of special technologies and kept. From the end of April until the middle of May tourists have a unique opportunity to see not only adult moose but also newborn babies.

Tour duration: 4 hours in summer, 3 hours in winter.